*goes into a dark corner and hides away for a while***
I love editing. I really do. And I really love authors who open up a view of the world that is radically different than my own. But sometimes, I read something so horrific that I know I’m going to have nightmares about it. 

I did not enjoy, but at least understood a gritty whipping scene. And although I understand why it’s necessary, I simply cannot stomach this…baby scene. When the author told me he had to take a break after writing this scene, I understand why. 
I know the world is full of evil. But I can’t stop and ponder certain types too long before I want to go on a murdering spree of all the evil men that commit such horrors.

I love this heroine because she can accomplish with courage things that would make me sick. Because, let’s be honest. I’m more like the wet-nurse crying in the corner than I am the brave heroine bringing vengeance and justice.