*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.* David Wind’s The Dark Masters is the second in his Tales of Neveah series. Like Born to Magic, The Dark Masters follows the journey of Areena and Mikaal, two young royals whose land is under magical attack from a dark sorceress. As both grow in their abilities and use of their magic, they continue to deepen the bound between themselves while finding that Neveah’s history is even more complicated than they previously thought.

I enjoyed The Dark Masters even more than I did Born to Magic. Wind is an extraordinarily story teller, and he seemed to hit the sweet spot with this second book. The characters continue to grow and added layers of depth keep being uncovered. As some one who grew up on Agatha Christie, I saw a lot of clues sprinkled through both books that I’m waiting to come to fruition. This series is incredibly intriguing, and I cannot wait for the third book.