**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**

Milan by Simi K Rao is a novella about an arranged marriage in India. Mili finds out one morning that her parents have been approached by the mother of her childhood rival, Ahaan. This is a fun little story that explores how people change as they become adults. Although the novella could have used some fleshing out, it had intriguing details.

 Admittedly, I am not deeply familiar with Indian culture as a whole, nor this particular region specifically. But it seemed to me that the characters were very Americanized in their slang and attitudes. I might have been projecting too much into the story, though.

 I liked the teasing and flirting personality of Mili, but her sudden mood swings into huffy impatience seemed not quite right. I have decided that Ahaan is an angel to have consistently responded with loving patience to Mili’s mercurial ways.

 The large appendix that details arranged marriages and wedding ceremonies in India is an excellent proof that Rao is a thoughtful and accomplished author. I just wished this could have translated a little more into the fiction part of the story.

 Over all, I enjoyed this novella as a happy little afternoon read. People who enjoy light-hearted romance may enjoy this book.

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