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**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**

Prismatic by Sarah Elle Emm is the introduction to a dystopian America in 2050. In 2046, a new president is elected and immediately changes the structure of American government, politics, social life, and classes. The results are more devastating for some people than others, however.

Emm lays a lot of groundwork in this book, putting a setting and a conflict into place. The book as a whole seemed a little slow, but that’s because Emm did a lot of explaining of the history of the changes in America.

The characters are admirable, and their personalities are believable. Emm has added the fantastical element of super powers genetically dispersed to certain people. Although this is a bit hard to swallow at first due to the incompatibility with our current reality, which the book is supposed to be based on, it was easy to accept and even enjoy once the realization that it’s a fantasy sets in.

Although I loved the Harmony Run series as a whole, Prismatic was not my favorite in the series. Once I was past it, I was soon sleep deprived from reading all night long several nights in a row. But Prismatic was a slow introduction to what is ultimately a great series.