I know several thousand authors prepping for National Novel Writing Month (November) right now. For some, it’s their very first novel, and they’ve challenged themselves to learn the discipline of sitting down and writing every day. For others, it’s a semi-annual event to help them focus on just one book, putting aside their lives’ distractions to zero in on publishing their books. For many long-time authors, this is just one month that they spend helping new authors hone their craft. 

Whatever stage you’re at, there are many resources available to help guide you in your NaNoWriMo journey. I could talk for quite some length about many books, websites, articles, and blogs. But, today, I’d like to give you just one. Mike Reeves-McMillan is an author of over 15 works of various lengths, both fiction and non-fiction. In The Well-Presented Manuscript, he lays out everything you need to know to have a successful book. Whether you’re self-published or traditional published, he will help you find the diamond in your rough draft. 

So, get with it! You’ve got three weeks to read this, and finish planning out your novel.

The Well-Presented Manuscript