A Fairy Promise is the second in the Fairy King series by C.J. Brightley. A Fairy King ended with Cadeyrn trying to protect Hannah as a threat came toward his palace.

In this second installment, we explore the political environment of the fairies and what, exactly, the cost of magic is. Hannah, having chose Cadeyrn, must now make some more choices about what kind of queen she will be for Cadeyrn’s people. As a threat in the form of Einion arises, Hannah must evaluate what she is willing to sacrifice for Cadeyrn.

I enjoyed this second story as much as I did A Fairy King. The more I learn about Hannah and Cadeyrn, the more confident I am that they’ll make a good, as well as powerful, ruling family. It’s Hannah’s tenderness, goodness, and will that see the kingdom through one of the greatest dangers it has seen in a long time. I would highly recommend this book to anyone. It’s sure to not disappoint fans of the first.