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Over the last several years as I’ve been a continuity editor for authors, I’ve created several Style Sheets for authors. Normally, I get the book about the Beta Reader stage, ask the author a few questions (You’ve got three different spellings of Bridget, which do you want to use?), make a quick Style Sheet, and the pass that on to the final editor. Then, for the rest of the books in the series, the final editor and I keep building on the series Style Sheet. This is quick, easy, and painless. It only involves the author and two editors. 

But this summer, I began editing for a website overhaul. My church has a very large website with hundreds of resources, articles, and About pages. We are completely rebuilding it and revamping it. “Putting a new coat of paint on it,” as my pastor said. For such a large site, we’ve split the editing work among a team of editors. But, as the lead editor, it’s my job to codify our style. This is so completely different than Style Sheets that I’ve worked on in the past. Besides the fact that I am the one making the decisions, not the author, I’ve also got to manage several different editors, figuring out their strengths, and assigning tasks according to those. 

Oh, did I mention the editing team is made up exclusively of women in my family and my high school English teachers? It feels a bit odd to be the lead on this, telling my mom and one of the associate pastors of the church what grammar rules we will follow. 
It has definitely been an interesting job. But I’ve been having so much fun; I wouldn’t trade this for the world. 
Picture: what I feel like in the presence of people who taught me grammar. Not that they’ve made me feel this way. This is just how I view myself. That’s my rascally son, Monkey, in church.


[Side note. I tried to look up the origin of this quote that lives in my head, and other than a twist on a Bible verse wherein “Fate” become “God,” everything else kept saying Jim Butcher, Cursor’s Fury. Which seems odd to me, though it shouldn’t. Cursor’s Fury is my favorite of the Codex Alera. Of course some line from it would penetrate my subconscious. But it seems like it should be a much older, much more philosophical quote. Oh, well. At least this reaffirms who my favorite author is.]

I spent the majority of January and February trying to fill my editing schedule for the rest of this year. But by the time March arrived, there was still a gaping hole in April. So I decided reviews would be in order for the month.

But then the last editing job for March went awry and it cut into April a bit. No fear, I still had plenty of time to read the eight books I’d selected for review in April.

But then another facet of my life: family health cut in. April is the month where we have our yearly physicial exams, our yearly eye exams, and our six month dental exams. And, wouldn’t you know, this was the year that every one of those doctors referred at least one of us to a specialist. So we doubled our time sitting in doctors’ offices this month. Which would normally be perfect for reading. Except that this month it wasn’t because of sick kids needing extra attention. And life outside of doctors’ offices has been even more derailing. 

Maybe I should have just left well enough alone and not scheduled anything for April. Or maybe I just need to suck it up and do what I promised I would do.

As far as reading all of the eight books goes, I have two and a half books left. But as far as writing reviews goes…I’ll probably use the first week of May, until May’s author finishes his book, writing each of the reviews. 

I’m not giving up. I’ll finish all of the reviews. But it’ll take a little longer than I’d like since I still have another specialist appointment this week.

If you’re a Google Plus member, come join us this coming Sunday, March 15th, at 19:00 GMT. The Novopulp Anthology is releasing its second book. The authors, editors, and other contributors to the Anthology will be chatting in a Hangout On Air about the making of this volume.

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